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Porsche RS 4 wheel drive

I originally made this chassis as a off road 4 wheel drive/4 wheel steering project. This was done by joing 2 Tamiya M05 front sections.  A central servo controlled the front & rear steering. I decided to convert it back to a road chassis with front wheel steering and 4 wheel drive. I switched from 2 small brushless motors which provided tire clearence to 2 Tamiya brushed sport motors. The rear steering is locked out, but can be converted back. Since I wanted to stuff some fat tires under the wheel wells most of the work involved making narrower front & rear control arms, and aluminum shocks. The rear up rights are from  3Racing and the top links were shortened. I made the aluminum front top links. The top mounting points for the shocks were  moved inward. The HPI Fuchs wheels were widened in the rear. The tires, as well as the body are from HPI.