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I started building this as a simpler solution to a fanjet snowblower. I used a Kyosho SR chassis with one of my twin 540 center drive kits using 55T motors and a Sabertooth esc. The SR is designed to run with the motors in the front. I usually run them backwards (motors in the rear) to allow more room in the front for various setups. A 5s lipo powers the motor esc and the fanjet esc. The angle of the 70mm fanjet can be adjusted. The exhaust tube is reduced down to 50mm. The plow setup is retained (now in the rear) for a snow groomer. The fanjet setup can be easily removed and the stock rear piece re-installed to use as a snowcat. A short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VtCiyK7MBL8&feature=youtu.be