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Tamiya Clodbuster

Purchased in 1993. One of the first upgrades was the original Clodzilla 2 mods. Later, I started making my own parts. While the tracks worked, they were too complicated. I'm working on a simpler design. The plow also worked, but since then I've made a number of snowcats with various plow configurations, so I scrapped the plow.  I  converted to a 8mm pin drive so I could swap the wheels with other RC4WD axle based r.c.'s. My later projects were axles housings with various mounting points for the shocks and lower links.  Also made a upper link mount/moa servo mount. 

I moved on to making wheels, trying a few different approachs, one, two,  three and 4 piece rims,  to try and cut down on machine time. The stock 2.8" size rim uses different width spaces to accomodate different width tires. These work with the stock Clodbuster tires and the vintage Proline Giant Trac tires. The 3.2" rims work with the Proline paddle tires and the Imex Redrock tires. The 3.8 rims are for the Proline Rock Rage tire. I modified the wheels so the center hub is seperate giving me the option to fit the wheels to different axles. 

  • Holmes Hobbies Torque Master BR-XL esc
  • Holmes Hobbies matched  Torque Master  27T motors
  • CE servos
  • Proline Giant Trac tires on 2.8 custom wheels
  • HPI shocks
  • Dahm's Racing Buggsy body 1993