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Unimog car hauler

I've always liked car haulers. This one was inspired by a European Unimog car hauler. The entire bed tilts down making loading and unloading much easier. I built it in the theme of a Bonneville salt flat car hauler.

I used the front section of a Tamiya M-05 chassis for the front wheel drive and steering. A gear motor located behind the cab and between the ramps operates a worm drive. The block at the end of the worm drive moves a rod located under the fenders in front of the rear wheels forward or backwards. When the rod is in the forward positon the bed is up, and as the rod moves back it allows the fenders to tilt forward and lower the bed. To control the bed I use the 3rd channel on the transmitter to toggle between power to the wheels or the bed. The fenders are aluminum. I machined the wheels and used rc4wd truck tires. The front steering components are from 3Racing. The body is a Tamiya Unimog with the rear section removed.