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Worminator moa based snowcat

I wanted to try a different approach to keeping tension on the tracks. I started with with a pair of Worminator moa front & rear axles. The axles are connected by 4 shocks. The top plate is fixed to the front axle and slotted for the rear axle. 2-3mm screws ride in the slot and keep the rear axle aligned. The sprocket wheels are 3.250" in diameter and have rc4wd wheel adapters screwed to the back. The adapters fit the stock 12mm hex. To mount the tracks, the axles are compressed and the tracks slide on. Track tension is set by increasing the shock spring tension. By removing one drive pin from each axle allows tank like steering, one motor drives the left track and the other motor drives the right track.

I also wanted the option to be able to also fit tires. I went with rear wheel steering so the tires don't interfere with the snow plow. I tighten the rear top plate screws when using the tires.

Power comes from 2-80t brushless motors. The steering servo and plow servo are Spektrum A5060 mini servos. 

The plow assembly is made of modified Kyosho plow components.  The body is a shortened Kyosho Sr body.