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Porsche 935 front suspension conversion

by Harold Williams
March 2021

Finally got around to converting the front suspension to a Porsche 935 setup. The Smart Racing/Fox front struts and Smart Racing camber boxes were both discontinued a few years back. I found a used set of Smart Racing front strut assemblies and rear shocks. The camber boxes are a NOS set.

I installed this setup on our '75 Carrera (IROC look) race car, and chose it for it's adjustability.

Below is a brief description of the parts. I'm not going to go into a lot of detail involving the installation. Anyone taking this project on would have their own approach.

The ERP 935 controls arms allows for a track width adjustment. They also let me place the front mounting points directly under the frame rails. The Smart Racing/Fox shocks are a double adjustable coilover front strut with adjustable spindle height. They have remote nitrogen cans that allow changing the nitrogen pressure as well as 9 setting. The Smart Racing camber boxes & plates have a wide range of adjustments, as well as letting me install the boxes high into the body for more shock travel. Total front shock is approximately 3.5" The front springs are Eibach coilover springs are 0800-0225-225. I used 912 hubs with 66m long wheel studs. A 911 hub would have also worked. Porsche 911 cross drilled rotors where retained off my old setup. Wilwood 4 piston calipers. Tarret 22mm front adjustable sway bar. I also added limit straps, which stop the tie rods from hitting the frame when the wheels are off the ground. Camber -1.5, Caster 6 degrees, toe 1/8" total toe out.

Front wheels are 3 piece BBS/Fuchs 8"x17" with Toyo R1R 245/35/17 tires. I also fit 3 piece CCW 9"x17" wheels with the same tires.

Rear suspension:
I replaced the old Wevo/Ohlins adjustable shocks with the Smart Racing/Fox shock double adjustable coilover shocks w/remote nitrogen canisters. The 27mm torsion bars & 150 lb springs were retained. The upper shock mounts were raised 1.5” for more shock travel.

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